HP Chromebook 11 Review And Best Price

This is a smart touch screen laptop that has high quality features. It is splendid in nature and its high quality features allows for easy operations. These features include: It only runs web-based applications This modish touch screen laptop has Google apps that will enable you to edit and allows for easy and quick internet connection. The application also allows you to come up with different documents and spreadsheets. It uses the modern applications to view and edit. These include the cloud-based apps like the Microsoft’s office web applications. It also uses the Google application for the same purpose. This implies that it does not employ the use of traditional personal computer software. For example it no longer uses adobe photoshop and Microsoft office. These new applications make the touch screen laptop very reliable and convenient in its operating system.

Stores all its files in cloud and not machine Due to its big volume drives, this top rated laptop is able to store all your files in Google drive. Files like the video, photos and documents and made light and thin for easy storage. The Google drive is very safe and you will be sure all your files are protected. You will be having your password and you can access any file once you have internet connection. In-case you want to access any file without internet connection you can store such files in the built in solid state drive. This is a point you will not need any internet connection to access your files and it is very safe.

This is the best touch screen laptop. You will always find it simple and the best for you. It operates well with other devices This smart laptop will enable you to continue with any unfinished activity. lts stuffs are easily to access through other devices like the tablet and phone. For example you can access files like the apps, photos, email, files and bookmarks. Through this you can therefore finish any undone activity like writing an email that you didn’t finish using the laptop in your phone. You can also continue reading whatever you left in your touch screen laptop directly from your phone. The laptop also has perfect Google Drive that allows you to operate at any place. You can always edit any document once you have written it on your laptop.

Has Google suitable for everyone This high quality touch screen laptop has all you may need in a modern laptop. For example its charger works with your android phone and also has additional bright screen. It is also very perfect for long hour operations. This is because its battery runs for about six hours. It is also quite light hence porting is very easy. It does the updates automatically and always starts very quickly. This is the best laptop for quick and reliable internet connection. It has the Chrome Omnibox and Chrome Instant that greatly boost its internet connection Has the best protection features This touch screen laptop has verified boot, virus protection and multiple layers of security. The verified boot ensures protection against malware, viruses and other computer nasties. Through automatic back up you will not lose any data. The screen is wide with high resolution power. It has aspect ratio of 16:9 with about 60% color gamut. It has two USB ports, slim-port video output and micro-USB for about 15.75W charging. It also has VGA webcam and a sensitive touch pad that is fine tuned. The memory is quite large. It has 16GB solid state drive and 2GB DDR3 RAM. This is the best laptop you can always rely on for all activities.

Screen Size 11.60 inches Screen Resolution 1366 X 768 Max Screen Resolution 1366 X 768 Processor 1.7 GHz Exynos 5250 RAM 2 GB DDR3 1600 Hard Drive 16 GB SSD Graphics Coprocessor ARM Mali-T604 4-core at 533 MHz Chipset Brand ARM Wireless Type 802.11bgn Number of USB 2.0 Ports 2 Average Battery Life (in hours) 6 hours


Price $224.99
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